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Cosmetic Surgery

If you are thinking about having cosmetic eye surgery, it usually takes about two hours if both your upper and lower eye lids are being done. Before the start of your surgery, your surgeon will inject anesthesia around your eye. You also will receive IV sedation if the procedure is being performed at a surgical center or hospital. If it’s an office procedure, then you’ll be given an oral sedation.

When your surgeon starts the procedure, the upper lids will probably be done first. Following the natural line of your eyelash, your surgeon will make an incision. He’ll remove excess fat, skin and muscle through the incision by separating the skin from underlying tissue. Your surgeon will then use small stitches to close the incision which will remain in for 3-6 days depending on you fast you heal.

There are two ways to do the surgery on the lower eyelids during cosmetic eye lid surgery.  An incision to remove fat inside your lower eyelid can be made inside your lower eyelid. Or the surgeon can make a cut along the margin of your eyelash. The excess skin, fat, and loose muscle can be removed through the incision. The incision line fades after a short period and most of the time you won’t need stitches.

After having eye lid surgery, you may have swelling. Sometimes there is bruising, but everything should be back to normal within two weeks. Your surgeon could suggest laser resurfacing after either one of these procedures to soften fine lines.

So if you are thinking of getting cosmetic eye surgery, you now have facts to consider.

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